Friday, September 3, 2010

Buy Computer Scrap

We buy Computer Scrap as well as all other kinds of Electronic Waste.
Details are as follows:
Scrap computers - We buy all kinds of computers waste, any type of scrap video boards, lan cards, vga cards, modem boards, scrap mother boards, any kind of memory modules, microprocessors or whole cpus and Monitors, Integrated circuits(ics), normal chips, Green chips, waste of Cd-rom drive Cards, Hard disc Cards Etc.

Laptop Computers Scrap - We buy just any types of laptop computers waste-Hards discs, Mother boards, Rams, laptop batteries etc.

Printers Scrap - We purchase printer motors, printer Cartridges or printers as a whole.

Cables & Connectors - We buy Scrap of cables and connestors or just any type of wire scrap.

Telecommunication Equipment - We buy all kinds of scrapped or outdated telephone exchange-Cross bar & cdot exchange, EPBX systems, telephone exchange boards, connectors, waste of Mobile exchange.

Mobile Phones Scrap - We buy mobile phones mother boards/chips or complete sets.

Circuit Boards & Pcbs - We buy all kinds of circuit boards- populated cards, non-populated cards, Memory modules’ pcbs or just any kind of plain pcb, power supply cards.

Gold Plated Material - We buy all types of gold plated materials-connectors, artificial jewellery, pins, wires, gold dust, solutions containing gold, golden pcbs, etc.

X-ray & Untrasound films - We buy all types of x-ray and ultrasound films, Hypo, fixer or any other solution containing Silver.

Electrical Goods - We also buy all kinds of Electrical Scrap, Relays having Silver, Gold or Platinum Contacts etc.


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